Good for the Body. Good for the Soul.

A trip to any medical facility can make some people feel uneasy. There is a sort of uncertainty patients get about their health, about the future, and about what they will do next. Often times, their loved ones share that apprehension too.

That is why it is so important to provide patients, and their families, with a relaxing experience from the moment they walk through the door. As a leading provider of healthcare and medical furniture – specifically designed for waiting rooms, doctor’s offices, and other facilities – Current Office Solutions provides untamed comfort that will soothe, relax, calm, placate patients and guests before they see their physicians.

We also offer exam tables, doctor’s desks, customized pediatric tables for kids, and so much more. Our company wants you to have the full furniture purchasing experience with us, whether you are providing or receiving treatments for any type of care.

To accomplish this, we get furniture from the top manufacturers in the industry with the best reputations for comfort and quality.

These names include:


Intensa specializes in almost every type of medical equipment. Base in North Carolina, and offering showrooms in 3 different states, they are one of the industry’s top providers of healthcare furniture pieces in the nation.


LaZBoy Healthcare:

LaZBoy isn’t just for the living room anymore. They ask themselves, “What can we do to make people feel more at home? More at ease?” And they answer with some of the best healthcare furniture available.



Fully-upholstered and built to last, Lesro chairs and equipment are made strong, stylish, and comfortable for the medical and healthcare industries.


Global HC:

Global provides a full range of medical equipment and healthcare products that everyone can afford. Their quality is world-class and their adaptability to any interior is beyond reproach.



Sooth Line (logo is already saved on the site)- Healthcare facilities are more dynamic than ever, and vital to both the short- and long-term healing process. As a result, healthcare providers recognize the need to enhance comfort, safety and control for both patients and caregivers. Designed specifically for healthcare environments, the Soothe collection maximizes comfort along the patient’s journey to recovery, enhances functionality for the caregiver, and creates the versatility required to deliver a higher level of care.


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